Using External Therapy to Heal Back Pain

Using External Therapy to Heal Back Pain

Back pain arises for many reasons. To pinpoint back problems , it is best for people to speak with a physical therapist who can work the body and take an assessment to determine where the underlying problem began. The physical therapy Denver residents receive works to alleviate pain throughout the body, including the lower back where many people experience problems. There are many ways in which low back pain treatment can help to reduce symptoms.


Restore Physical Function


A low back pain treatment works to restore physical function. People with pain in this area often have trouble moving around, much less getting up and out of bed in the morning. chronic back pain treatment will work to manipulate the area so it gets stretched and worked until the pain subsides. It will restore physical function and allow people to move much more freely than before.


Recovery After Surgery


Sometimes the pain stems from a recent surgery. There are limited things a person can do alone to get rid of the pain, aside from stretching carefully and taking medication. A therapist will work to aid in the recovery process and help the body heal faster. They may recommend weekly or even daily treatments until the body is recovered and restored.


Eliminate Pain


Of course, the main goal of physical therapy is to eliminate the pain felt in the body. The treatment process will work to stretch and strengthen the lower back so pain is no longer felt in that area. If there are other areas where the pain is felt, those spots will get worked on as well. The process can reduce pain throughout the entire body at once with the help of different techniques and moves.


Customized Treatment Plan


Because every person's pain stems from a different source, the therapist works to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. Every person who receives therapy will have a specific plan set for them based on where the pain is located, how it developed, what other symptoms they have, and their medical history. While one person may need to increase mobility and use water as a therapy option, another may require electrical stimulation to alleviate pain and increase flexibility.


Anyone suffering from lower back pain should receive a low back pain treatment at the hands of a physical therapist. A wellness center, such as Cherry Creek, often employs therapists who can work with patients to restore physical function, recover after a surgery, and eliminate the pain felt on a daily basis. Seek out this option when help is truly needed.

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