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Making the Most of an Often-Overlooked Wedding Accessory

Making the Most of an Often-Overlooked Wedding Accessory

Any wedding can be made better and more beautiful through the introduction of some especially suitable flowers. While bouquets and static arrangements generally receive plenty of attention from planners, there are other floral accessories that sometimes receive short shrift.


The carefully crafted selections of wedding flowers that traditionally perk up the lapels of the groom, his supporters, and other males who play prominent roles, for example, sometimes seem like an afterthought. When it comes to Wedding flowers Tampa FL newlyweds-to-be do well to pay plenty of attention to these extras, instead.


A More Significant Touch Than Might Normally Be Obvious


Despite being smaller than corsages, boutonnieres worn by male wedding participants regularly attract more notice. The plain, dark lapel of a tuxedo or suit almost always ensures the eye will be drawn toward any decorative touch that is placed upon it.


As a result, these relatively small floral embellishments can end up playing outsize roles. Experienced weddings florists in the area like the Marigold Flower Co therefore inevitably recommend that their clients put plenty of care into choosing their own.


Lots of Freedom to Enjoy and Interesting Options to Explore


Fortunately, this can easily prove to one of the most pleasant wedding arrangements to make of all. From highly traditional choices to unique ones that reflect the personalities of the wedding couple, there are many ways to help even these smallest of flower arrangements stand out:


Traditional. A single carnation worn in the lapel is the best established option of all, and one that still frequently makes plenty of sense. Particularly for more formal weddings, choosing a simple carnation for groomsmen and others can be an excellent idea.


Succulents. flowers by post in recent years is to work small succulents into the arrangement. Plants from this broad family often have a notably masculine character while also being pleasant to look at.


Personal. Quite a few couples today choose to focus on themes that reflect their shared interests. A pair who enjoys craft beer, for instance, might distribute lapel-bound floral accessories that reflect this passion.


Creative. Many of the most successful lapel adornments dispense entirely with tradition, too. Feathers, strips of cloth, and even unusual plant materials like barley have made memorable appearances at weddings in the Tampa area in recent times.


In wedding decor to being more important than many realize, these are also wedding accessories where plenty of potentially interesting options can be explored. Instead of overlooking the power that a small bundle of flowers in a lapel can have, diving in and having fun typically ends being more rewarding.

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